Magic Has A Formula

It all started with Graphene…

When we discovered what an Graphene is, and found out what it can do, it changed the way we thought of green energy storage forever. While everyone is charging their devices on small power banks and juice packs, we saw the potential in Graphilium Cell technology and took it to another level.

With advancements in nano technology, we were able to succeed where others have failed. We’ve developed the next generation of rechargeable battery.

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01. Research

Currently our patented Graphilium Cell Technology can be integrated and utilized for industrial power generation and energy saving uses. Electric Buses, Elevators, Backup Generators, Trains, Solar and Wind farms have begun to adopt our AEGEA Power Cells. As we move forward, a growing number of “Smart Machines” and “Smart Grids” are becoming more efficient and greener everyday with AEGEA’s support. We hope our innovations will be applied to all future industrial grade, heavy duty engines. AEGEA strives to make tomorrow’s dream of a greener earth, today’s reality.

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02. Design

AEGEA Powered batteries are designed to be charged for millions of cycles before degrading. They can provide a big improvement in power density meaning that whatever you are powering will be saving at least 20 to 30 percent energy when plugged in to the grid. Yes you read correctly, if you are using a device with AEGEA Power inside then you are saving 20-30 percent energy with that device. They aren’t flammable so they’re even ideal for electric cars, so stay tuned for an AEGEA powered EV. Haha you think we’re kidding don’t you. Our Graphilium Cell batteries are safer, last longer and offer more power.

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03. Develop

AEGAE’s Graphilium Cell has evolved and crosses into battery technology by using special electrodes and electrolyte. Our breakthrough comes in the combination of lithium ion, graphene, and nano carbon, which we have made smaller and more powerful then ever before. Particular attention was placed on safety and cost issues. Complete system integration was a major factor when developing the architecture of the AEGEA powered energy modules. We have made all of our technological advances from the ground up. Simply put, our engineers made our Graphilium Cell beginning from the periodic table to the final product.