Best of the Best

Simple & Everlasting Is The Motto We Live By

Our products are built to be the best and stand the test of time. Our passion is reflected through our refined designs, and we are emotionally committed to sustainable energy. We strive to attack the world’s energy crisis one cord at a time.

This is how we plan to do it:
– Industrial grade Graphilium Cells
– Instant charge times
– High-energy output capabilities
– Exceptionally long life cycles
– Outstanding safety
– Non-flammable
– The ability to hold an energy charge over a long duration of time
– Excellent performance at extreme temperatures
– Lifetime guaranteed

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01. Research

We have invested several years for research and development into Graphilium Cell technology. Our main focus is to reduce charge times and vastly improve life cycles for the next generation of rechargeable batteries. With out latest break throughs, AEGEA is now ready to launch several consumer level cordless products that will change the cordless electronic arena forever.

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02. Design

Our products are all designed to be functional, reliable and guaranteed for life. Our passion for clean minimalistic aesthetics is routed in our appreciation of modern architecture and timeless simplistic style.

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03. Development

At AEGEA we have produced exciting projects to be released at the consumer level which include: Emergency Car Jump Starter “The AutoJump™” Powered by AEGEA Graphilium Cells, The Energy Vault “EV1”, Cordless Rechargeable Fan, Smart Home Floor Lamp, Smart Office Desk Lights. In the pipeline for products to be released in the near future, we have high powered cordless and rechargeable home appliances.